Be forewarned of critical events and stay informed of what's going on nearby or in the certain location

"Crisismap" project is a prototype technology to analyze and provide information about critical situations all over the world in near real time. We are the group of experts and technologists who are focused on different aspects of data mining approach - from Earth Observation to data journalizm. We develop tools that aim to accelerate your workflow by alerting you with timely actionable information on critical and top events concerning one's location or particular matters and to keep your informed during ongoing crisis

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Cities in danger

The map provides information around all types of threats classified by vicinity to the most populated areas and estimated impact.

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Humanitarian crises

War and military conflicts and other social threats having effects on civilian people. News about refugees, camps, Syria and Ukraine

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Natural disasters

Using data from Earth Observation and monitoring systems this kind of map combines earthquakes alerts and wildfires hotspots with reporrts extracted from social and media sources

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Recent events

The map service provides alerts on top events concerning particular user matters and automaticaly shows related insights searching througn the most recent and relevant environmental data

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GHG Global monitoring

Earth observation based monitoring of greenhouse gases emissions from oil flares

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