Be forewarned of critical events and stay alerted of what's going on nearby or in your area of interest

GeoAlertTM enables to get and analyze information on critical events and potenital risks regarding one's location or area of interest. We are the group of experts and technologists who are focused on different aspects of data mining approach using data from EO satellites, IoT and Media. We develop tools that aim to accelerate organizations workflow by alerting operational and analytics teams with timely and actionable information on particular matters and to keep them informed of ongoning changes.

Applications of information products


"Crisismap" is an open data feed an web application, based on media and social networks analysis, to extract related news on events, extract probable geolocation and classify them by emergency context.

Cities in danger

Provides aggregated information on requested types of Environmental threats classified by vicinity to the most populated areas and estimated impact / loss.

Humanitarian crises

War and military conflicts having impacts on civilians. News about refugees, camps, syrian and ukrainian wars.


Combines data feeds from USGS earthquakes alerts and Media reports regarding the event.


Provides satellite based information about probable wildfires and combines it with Media reports regarding the event.

GHG Global monitoring

Monitoring of greenhouse gases emissions from oil flares at the global scale. Provides alerts for particular locations (oil parcels, etc.)

Agro monitoring

Provides API for satellite / weather based analysis of agriculture conditions. API allows easy integration and continuous access to vegetation and weather alerts for the certain area of interest.
Upload geometry or send an API query with polygon coordinates of your fields and get a subscription to the alerts and reports.

Satellite monitoring and detection of problem farmlands

Alerting in summary reports

Forest monitoring

Provides API and maps for satellite fires detection. The applications allows to upload you owm geometry or to select form our Data Base of forest management lesseees and to get alerts of fires threating your area of interest.

Smoke Alert

Unlike existing projects created just to monitor willdfires, we are aiming to provide a predictive tool for one of its most dangerous consequences - smoke which can cause to hazardous air pollution in high populated areas.

See our project presentation from NASA's Moscow hackathon